Processes and services

Quality and promptness at a reasonable price: all the advantages of one single supplier in serving the most demanding companies.

Effebiesse can internally manufacture and control all the processes related to zamak die-casting and guarantee excellent quality, savings and prompt delivery at the same time.

Times and costs can be optimised by combining all project phases in one single reality: tool design and tool manufacture, hot-chamber zamak die-casting, machining, metal grinding and polishing, galvanic treatments such as chromium-plating , nickel-plating and copper-plating, up to final control and delivery.

For a close examination of the main process phases:

  • Advice and design of zamak accessories in co-design with the customers
  • Tool manufacture accurate and reliable for successful die-casting
  • Die-casting for hot-pressing zamak components
  • Machining to guarantee the functionality and assemblage of all our zamak die-cast items.
  • Metal washing and polishing in automatic or manual mode for a better surface quality and piece finish.
  • Galvanic treatments for excellent and durable aesthetic finishes of die-cast items.