Effebiesse has take over of Flexton Showers Srl

September 2008

Effebiesse is a company in continuous expansion taking care to all the best opportunities linked to increase and develop any prestigious synergies. Following this policy has decided to become the main shareholder of Flexton Showers Srl kept the full control.

Flexton Showers Srl, represents a truth of excellence in the manufaction of Showers; since more than thirty year is a brand well know for the excellent quality and high design of his products, the cure of the details and the continuous research of the wellness.

The profuse efforts, have carried in recent months to the realization of the new line: Bigmama the whole of a winning design and a mechanical inner, able with its five distinguished jets, to satisfy the demands of the most particular.

We wish to innovate and grow everyday, therefore we invite you to visit the web-site of Flexton Showers Srl, in order to know the news.