A new communication strategy for Effebiesse

June 2008

Not only "to do well”, but also "to make it known". This is the leit-motif of the new Effebiesse communication strategy in accomplishing a new photo gallery and a new web site over the past few months.

Because helping customers understand the quality and variety of solutions is the first step in supplying an accurate and complete service.

Effebiesse wants to convey a stronger and more accurate image of the company and its evolution on the market.

In fact, relying upon thirty years of experience in zamak die-casting for the taps and sanitary fittings sector, Effebiesse has been designing and manufacturing zamak accessories for many other sectors for a long time.

More in details, Effebiesse has acquired specific know-how in cooperation with some important companies from the following sectors:

- Lighting engineering: lighting components, small items, etc.
- Furnishings: zamak components for furniture, hinges, handles and joints, small items, hardware, levers, etc.
- Household appliances: outdoor and indoor decorations, etc.
- Household articles: parts for pots, objects, etc.

One of the purposes of the site is to describe the exclusive solutions provided by Effebiesse to companies from various sectors.

Moreover, the site describes the production cycle phases, all of them carried out and controlled on company premises: tool design, tool manufacture, hot-pressing, die-casting, machining, metal polishing, galvanic treatments, up to final inspection and shipment.